New portfolio pics


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Austin Living

Kitchen Remodel

Master Bedroom

South Austin Kitchen Remodel


Holiday decorating


You may not have started thinking about holiday decorating yet, but it’s time!! Here are some fun images I’ve found to get you in the spirit!

Loving this centerpiece. Not only is super unique, but it’s readily available at your nearest market.

Asparagus, green beans and an artichoke. Brilliant!

Show your guests you gave a great deal of thought to their visit!

Sweet place cards

Great way to remember those who can’t be with you on Thanksgiving.

Old Family Photos

I love the simplicity of this centerpiece.

Pears and wheat

We’ve all probably seen corn on tables, but what a creative way to display it.


Or for those who like less fuss, consider a white table cloth and plop this bad boy in the center. You’re done!! Now this is my kind of table decor!

Gobble, gobble!

Newly decorated South Austin Living Room


Just finished up a small living room in South Austin. The clients are very happy.

We replaced their carpet with beautiful hardwood floors, incorporated a custom media center and gave the room some warmth. Originally this room was supposed to be for the man of the house but I was told today that the Queen Bee has claimed it as her own!





Ode to the end table


Design is all in the detail. A lot of what I provide is helping to determine where my clients can get the most bang for their buck. For example, if an end table is needed but it is off in a corner, I might recommend we spend a little more on the lamp, that can be seen, and less on the actual table. But then there are those times where having something unique can really make a room.

We just don’t give enough attention to end tables and therefore this blog shall be ode to the end table.

Bamboo Table from $208

Drum Table on $400

Functionworks table on $130

Harper Mirror Table from grandinroad $80

Faux leather table on $84

Yuvi Table from grandinroad $199

Drum roll please!


Following up on this blog post, I’m happy to report we’re officially done with the boys’ bathroom. It was actually done several weeks ago I am just now getting it photographed.

We’re quite pleased with the outcome!

Boys' Bathroom Before

Boys' Bathroom After





It’s been really cute to see my little boys showing off their bathroom to their friends. See, even the “minis” get excited! Let’s just hope they learn how to aim better in their new bathroom.

It’s New to Me


I was early for an appointment last week so I decided to stop in and check out the consignment store, It’s New To Me at 7719 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78757. I found some goodies!

Brass cocktail table under $100

Salmon-colored marble cocktail table $110

I can see this in a little girl's room! $85

This hall tree has tons of character $245

I considered not sharing this next one because I love it so much and either want it for myself (and I totally can’t use it) or want to use it for a client. But here ya go…

King size headboard. I can see this painted a funky color or used as-is with ivory bedding. $95

This is another one I considered not sharing because I’m on the look out for the perfect dresser to convert into a bathroom vanity. I might still go pick this one up for myself.

I was so excited about this piece I didn't even look at the price but I'm certain it's under $300!

These midcentury night stands would be cool if they were painted a fun color!

If you decide to go and pick any of these items up, please let me know what you end up doing with them!