Where have you been?


Is it possible that it has been a month since my last post? Whew.

Not to make excuses, but the spring is always my busiest time. I love it. I currently have several jobs going and can’t wait to share the photos with you soon.

I was online tonight looking for some artwork. Art is one of the hardest parts of decorating, in my opinion, because good art is really expensive. Even not so good art can be pricey. Since I cater to a budget conscious client, I’m always looking for new things that don’t look right off the Gardenridge rack (although I’m not knocking it because you can find some decent things there too).

Anyway found some fun and affordable art for the kiddos:

Starfish stretched canvas

Crab stretched canvas

Salmon stretched canvas

Octopus stretched canvas

These are cute too:

Smiling moose stretched canvas

Forest friends

I can’t forget the adults. Here are a few of my recent finds that I would love to use somewhere:



'Natural Element V' oversized art

OK, I suppose I should get back to my design plan. Darnit, if I can’t use this art, someone should!


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