Let’s be honest.


I’ve not done well keeping up on the blogs. Not that I have a ton of people following it or anxiously awaiting my next post (but for those of you that do, THANK YOU!). I’ll be perfectly honest. I started this blog to help with my SEO (search engine optimization). I’ve never claimed, nor will I ever, to be a writer and this is precisely why my posts are so few and far between.

You will almost always find punctuation errors and the occasional misspelled word or grammatical error. I actually have a client who has volunteered to do some editing and writing for me which I am ecstatic about. (see I just ended a sentence with a preposition and I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to. doh, I did it again.)

What does this have to do with design you ask? NOTHING. I’m putting this out there as a disclaimer. Like I always tell my clients when they tell me why they can’t seem to pull their rooms together, “you can’t be good at everything!”

I have found that some of my posts have already proven to be inspirational to some of my clients and their friends. This is great. Posting fun finds exposes people to things they might not have found on their own and hopefully motivates.

I pledge to use this blog for the positive. I originally wanted to chart the trials and tribulations of running my own business but in doing so, I realized that sometimes things come across as mean or judgmental. NEVER. I value my clients, future clients, vendors, etc., too much to disparage them. (I literally just spent the last 3 minutes trying to figure out how to spell disparage. geesh)

So that’s it. I’m just being honest. So you’ve been warned.


About adentrodesigns

Adentro Designs a full-service interiors firm serving the Greater Austin, TX area. We pride ourselves on offering affordable design and can work with almost any budget. Whether you need some pointers to get your decorating project moving in the right direction, full-service design, color consultations, home staging or remodeling, we're your team. No job is too large or small. We welcome you to our blog and hope you enjoy it!

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