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Ode to the end table


Design is all in the detail. A lot of what I provide is helping to determine where my clients can get the most bang for their buck. For example, if an end table is needed but it is off in a corner, I might recommend we spend a little more on the lamp, that can be seen, and less on the actual table. But then there are those times where having something unique can really make a room.

We just don’t give enough attention to end tables and therefore this blog shall be ode to the end table.

Bamboo Table from csnstores.com $208

Drum Table on overstock.com $400

Functionworks table on csnstores.com $130

Harper Mirror Table from grandinroad $80

Faux leather table on overstock.com $84

Yuvi Table from grandinroad $199


Bathroom Inspiration. Yeah, I know that sounds funny.


Adentro Designs has been working on several kitchen and bathroom remodels and as I’m sifting through all of the beautiful materials, it’s really encouraged us to get our own bathroom redo in motion. **After pics to come soon, I hope!

As I’m looking for the perfect light fixtures for clients (and myself), tile, shower curtains, etc., I came across some things that have really inspired me.

West Elm Bathroom

Loving the penny tile and dark floor.

Charming and I'm totally borrowing the ladder idea!

Everything for my sons’ bathroom redo has been been ordered and as soon as I can encourage the dear husband to start the floor tile, we’ll be in good shape. Just as a sneak peak, here are the materials we’ve ordered!

Aleutian white quartz counter top

Turquoise penny tile I purchased last year for $5.00/ft!!!! It's been sitting in my garage for over a year.

Porcelain drop in sink

Chrome faucet

Chrome Light fixture

12 X 24 Porcelain tile

I will tell you, I used paint we already had, to save money, and I’m not completely happy with my paint job for this room but it took so long, I don’t plan on changing it! Here’s hoping it all works out! Stay tuned…