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It’s New to Me


I was early for an appointment last week so I decided to stop in and check out the consignment store, It’s New To Me at 7719 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78757. I found some goodies!

Brass cocktail table under $100

Salmon-colored marble cocktail table $110

I can see this in a little girl's room! $85

This hall tree has tons of character $245

I considered not sharing this next one because I love it so much and either want it for myself (and I totally can’t use it) or want to use it for a client. But here ya go…

King size headboard. I can see this painted a funky color or used as-is with ivory bedding. $95

This is another one I considered not sharing because I’m on the look out for the perfect dresser to convert into a bathroom vanity. I might still go pick this one up for myself.

I was so excited about this piece I didn't even look at the price but I'm certain it's under $300!

These midcentury night stands would be cool if they were painted a fun color!

If you decide to go and pick any of these items up, please let me know what you end up doing with them!


How we refinished our stairs, DIY style


I am so excited about this blog. Well not really excited about the blog as much as I’m excited to have this project behind us. When we moved into our “new to us” home, we gutted a good part of it to make it ours. We still have a ton of projects to tackle, bathrooms are next, but I can now check one of these projects off of our list!

Carpeted stairs are great if you like your carpet. We didn’t. Since our children are still young we have chosen to keep the existing carpet upstairs until they’re a little older but the sight of the dirty stairs and builder-grade carpet were just getting too much for me to bear. I’ve had several quotes to put wood on our stairs and I just couldn’t swallow the price tag that came with it, so we decided to tackle this project ourselves.

Here is the journey of our stair make-over!

Safety first. When doing any kind of work you should wear safety goggles and gloves!

Stairs before

Let’s take a peek and see what’s under that nasty stuff:

After removing carpet and tacking.

To our delight the stairs were in pretty good shape with the exception of the winding stairs which are constructed of two pieces of particle board/plywood. The other stairs were all nice 2X12s. These winding stairs were definitely an issue since the tops and ends were not smooth. Even with a lot of sanding, you can never get particle board smooth and ready for paint. We needed a wood filler that was easy to spread and covered a lot of area, so we used Durham’s Wood Putty. This is a powder you mix with water and then pour directly onto the wood. You then use a spatula to smooth and level.

Wood putty purchased from Lowe's

Wood putty as it is drying.

After the wood putty is completely dry (recommended 24 hours), you can sand it lightly to help give it a smoother finish.

Next, we needed to address the nose of the winding stairs. This was much easier. We used “iron-on” wood veneer for the winding stairs to conceal the particle board.

Nose of winding stairs before veneer edging.

Veneer edging purchased from Lowes.

Next all of the stairs got a good sanding and wipe down.

Since the risers had visible staples and holes we chose to cut pressed board and nail to the faces of each riser.

Pressed board cut to size for each of the risers.

Pressed board nailed to each riser to conceal blemishes.

Our last step was installing quarter-round along the risers and treads to hide any gaps that were left. Now we’re ready for primer!!!

Cutest little helper in the world!

So after priming and painting, with an oil-based paint, we were almost there. Almost.

As I mentioned, we have small children and I was really worried about them taking a tumble, down the slippery stairs, so we knew we were going to install stair carpet. I know, I know. You’re thinking, “why did you go to all of that trouble if you were just going to put carpet back on the stairs?” Well there is a method to my madness. If my stairs were straight the rug option would have been so much easier and far more creative, but we had to use stair runner carpet that could be cut for each stair, to accommodate the angles of the winding stairs. This means the carpet had to be thin enough to cut and made so that it wouldn’t ravel. This pretty much leaves you with stair runner carpet, and there aren’t just a ton of options, if you’re trying to do this on the cheap.

But I’m certainly pleased with the outcome. Wait for it…
Wait for it…


So to recap:



Supplies purchased:
-2 cans of wood putty $20
-Quarter round $10
-Pressed board $10
-Iron-on veneer $15
-1 can of oil based paint $25
-Sand paper $5
-Carpet runner $75
Total $160

Items/tools we already had:
-Muscle **hee hee
-Crow bar (to remove tack strips)
-Circular saw (to cut quarter round)
-Skil saw (to cut pressed board for risers)
-Air compressor/nail gun
-Paint rollers
-Spatula to spread wood filler
-Electric sander (makes the job so much faster)

Done and done.

Rainy day ramblings


I had my day planned out and was going to go shopping for a super, duper fancy bathtub today when my poor client got ill. Feel better Lacey! So, here I sit waiting for the rain to let up but in the meantime, might as well get my blog on.

As I’ve been working on a few design plans I’ve come across some things I’m absolutely in total lust over. Here are some of those things:

These super yummy tiles are from EVIT. I don’t know if these can be purchased in the states but yowza they’re cool.

Bubble tile by EVIT

Bubble tile by EVIT

Insect art by Uttermost

Only $239 on Overstock.com

Only $243 on Overstock.com

$144 on Overstock.com

$125 on Overstock.com

Only $108 on Overstock.com

Pin-tuck duvet cover from West Elm

Uttermost mirror I've been in love with for over a year!

Okay, okay. I could go on for days. I think the rain has stopped. Later and happy decorating!